7 Unique and Beautiful Crystal Keychain Holders

crystal keychain is an item that will be sure to get a lot of attention. This is because the crystal has always been a sign of class and sophistication. If you own a home, a car, an office, or just about anything else that needs a key, you’ve got a crystal keychain, and although there are all kinds of ways to create a crystal keychain unique and personalized, none are quite as attractive as a 2D crystal keychain. In fact, the only drawback to using a crystal keychain is that crystal tends to break more easily than gold, silver, and plastic. However, this is not usually a problem for most people since most crystal keychains are made with high quality materials. If you love crystal keychain and would like to create a special key chain for a special occasion or simply for your collection, here are some ideas on how you can do it.

Design your own crystal keychain by cutting out a photo or a photograph of a special occasion. This can be a family photo, an artwork, or a picture taken with your digital camera. The best way to do this is to take a good photograph that looks great in a standard size picture frame. Once you have finished with the photo, use your imagination and think about a way to transform the photo into a piece of art so that you can use it as the keyring of your crystal keychain. One great idea is to make the photo transparent when the crystal keychain is put on the key ring.

Create a collage with different pieces of glass. One of the most popular ways to decorate crystal keychain is to use glass beads. Choose from different shapes and sizes. Transform one bead into a flower or a bird, then transform the rest into different designs. Use different colored glass beads to create an array of colors. Add glitter over the top of the glass beads to create a sparkling effect.

Transform your favorite picture into 3d photo crystal keychain. Choose a picture that has some sentimental value to you. Take a standard picture into an art shop and ask for a handcraft. Handcrafts people can create anything from wall art to crystal items using a combination of glass beads and clay. You will have an original unique piece of jewelry in no time.

Make your own crystal points. Create your own design or have a jeweler create a design for you. There are several different styles of crystal points. They range from flat disk points to chandelier crystal points and even pendants. Each style has a different look and can be used for a different purpose.

Create your own geode silver chain. Geode silver is a rare but wonderful material. Purchase your own geode at a jewelry store or online. Once you have your geode, purchase a length of sterling silver wire. Cut the wire in a circular pattern and wrap the ends around your handbag, shirt, waistline, ankle, wrist or wherever you wish to display your geode.

Get a round crystal keychain holder for your necklace. If you would like a necklace that will be both elegant and fashionable, you may consider buying a round sterling silver chain with a loop at the end. Wrap the sterling silver chain over your purse, shirt, wrist or ankle. To add some sparkle and interest to your loop, you could opt for a rainbow of crystals. Purchase several different colored crystals to use in this necklace and enjoy the many different looks this simple key chain holder set can give your wardrobe.

Make a unique yet useful crystal keychain holder. Purchase an authentic crystal keychain holder from a jewelry store. You should be able to tell if the crystal is real from the Swarovski logo on the back. If you cannot see the logo, your purchase will not be authentic. A Swarovski crystal key chain holder will allow you to create unique, one-of-a-kind key chain holders that are a perfect decorative addition to any wardrobe.

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